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Brother Alvin Hall has been an ordained Minister for over fifty years and has been a faithful servant of the Lord during this time. His sermons are uplifting and Holy Spirit inspired. Each Sunday sermon will be available on audio by clicking on the link below. We know you will be blessed by these recordings. The sermons will be archived and available if any are missed 


With the retirement of Pastor Hall, Rev. Harold Babin has been called to serve as Interim Pastor until we can secure a full time Minister. Harold is no stranger to our congreation as he served as our Pastor many years ago.   Welcome  Brother Harold and Patrica.



Due to Brother Harold Babin's sudden illness he has been forced to step down as our Pastor. Rev. Joe Ratcliff has agreed to come and lead us as our Minister.  Welcome Pastor Joe and Carol.

06/12/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The Book of Acts

06/05/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. Prayer

05/29/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. Memorial Day

05/22/16  India Mission Report: Anna Alexander.

05/22/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. Prayer 

05/15/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. John's Gospel.

05/08/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. Mother's Day

 05/01/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff ."What is your favorite Church ?"

04/24/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The Church according to Ephesians.

04/17/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Church"

04/10/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The Gospel according to Simon Peter.

04/03/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Why ordinary people need Jesus."

03/27/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff.  Easter...The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

03/06/16 SUNDAY SERMON: Harold Babin. " Who is packing your parachute?" Who will you put your trust in?"

02/28/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff ." The Cross"

02/21/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff . "The Sermon on the Mount."

'02/14/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff . Unselfish Love 

02/07/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff . Choose your Christian friends well.

01/31/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff . The Lord's Supper


01/24/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff . "Lost Opportunities"


01/10/16 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff . The book of James

01/03/16 SUNDAY SERMON: Joe Ratcliff. Jesus teaches the Word through parables.

12/27/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. Genesis chapter 35

12/20/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The Christmas Story according to Matthew.

12/13/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Harold Babin. The Christmas Story.

12/06/15 SUNDAY SERMON :Joe Ratcliff. Christmas

11/29/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The Lord's Supper.

11/22/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Thanksgiving"

11/15/15 MISSION REPORT : Billy & Peggy Perry. Report on mission trip to Manali India.

11/01/15 MISSION REPORT : Rhonda Covington. Dominican Republic trip.

10/25/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Overcoming Doubtful Moments."

10/18/15 Honduras Report : Mario & Kaila Barahona

10/18/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "The Sermon on the Mount"

10/11/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "The Cross"

10/04/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Is there an answer for sin/sick Amerca?"

09/20/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The Children of Israel

09/06/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Labor Day"

08/30/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "The Lord's Supper".

08/16/15 SUNDAY SERMON  : Joe Ratcliff. "The book of Mark."   

08/09/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliffl "Put Jesus first in your life."

08/02/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff .  "Christians need to spend time with other passionate Christians."

07/26/15  SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. 'Why is there a duplication of stories in the Old Testement?"

07/19/15 SUNDAY SERMON: Joe Ratcliff. "The Church".

07/12/12 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Have you ever doubted your salvation?"


07/05/15 SUNDAY SERMON: Joe Ratcliff. The Fourth of July

06/28/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Christians  today are in for a tough time  ."

 06/21/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Father's Day"

06/14/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "The Church".

06/07/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff,"The Samanitan woman at the well".

05/17/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Johnny Green." Keep your spiritual GPS on all the time."

05/03/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. "Go and sell all your possessions and give to the poor."

04/12/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. What do you do after a powerful spiritual experience ?

04/05/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The Easter Message

03/29/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The Lord's Supper


03/22/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. Patience and Impatience

03/15/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Dr. Anna and Dr. Philip Alexander

brought us an update on the Mission work in Manali India.

03/03/15 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The Love Passage

02/22/15 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff. Joy and happiness in the middle of the disasters of life.

 02/15/15 SUNDAY SERMON. Rhonda Covengton : Undate on the missionary work of Foundation Ministries in Hondouras.

02/08/15 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : The Church


02/01/15 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Lord I  am yours. Save me from the polution of sin. 

  01/18/15 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Jacob and Esau.


01/11/15 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : The message of God.....


12/28/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : The miracle of the loaves and the fishes


12/21/14 SUNDAY SERMON Joe Ratcliff : A Christmas Message ..

11/23/14 SUNDAY SERMON.Joe Ratcliff : Friends

11/09/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Jesus is the complete Word of God.

11/02/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Desperate times.


10/26/14 SUNDAY SERMON . Joe Ratcliff : Mark's Biblical Account.


10/19/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : What, Where, When and Why ?

10/12/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : How to say goodbye.

10/05/14 SUNDAY SERMON.Joe Ratcliff : Death

09/28/14 SUNDAY SERMON.Joe Ratcliff : If

09/07/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Gossip

08/31/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Take.

08/24/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : NO !

08/17/14 MISSION REPORT. Rhonda Covington brings us a report

on Foundation Missions work in Hondrous.

08/10/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Time .

08/03/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Tomorrow

07/27/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Forgiveness .

07/20/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Prayer .  

07/13/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : What is the attitude to the Church today?

07/06/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : What is a Church supposed to do?


06/29/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : The Lord's Supper .

06/08/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Do not neglect the things of the Kingdom.


06/01/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : What is Truth?

05/25/14 SUNDAY SERMON.Joe Ratcliff : Memorial Day


05/11/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Mother's Day Message.

04/27/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Let us recommit ourselves to faithfullnes to our Lord and to our Church. 

04/06/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Events leading up to the cruxifiction.

03/30/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : The Lord's Supper Service.

03/23/14SUNDAY SERMON.Joe Ratcliff : Following Jesus is not easy. It takes Integrity, Steadfast

Purpose, and Devine Guidance.

03/16/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Let your moderation be known to all people.

03/09/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : All things work together for good to them that love God

To them who are called according to His purpose.

03/02/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : We can find peace in our Heavenly Father

02/23/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : We are justified by Faith through God's Grace.

   02/16/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Anna & Philip Alexander : Anna and Philip are Medical Missionaries

in India.  Today they brought us an inspiring message about their work.

02/02/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : God's Forbearance

01/26/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Continued Study In Romans.

01/19/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : The Church at Rome.


01/12/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff :Paul's letter to the Romans.

01/05/14 SUNDAY SERMON. Rhonda Covington reads a letter detailing the end of year results for the mission to Hondrous. Joe Ratcliff brings the sermon : What are your goals for the new year?

12/29/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : The Lord's Supper

12/15/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Kelley : We must be Disciples and lead others to Discipleship.  

12/01/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Where are you in your Christmas Pilgrimage ?


11/24/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Thanksgiving.


11/17/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : What is good preaching?


11/10/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : You are forgiven by God's grace through Jesus Christ.


11/03/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : A Simple Sermon.

10/27/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : The Bible is the only book that gives you hope.


10/20/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Be The Church.


10/06/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Christian Stewardship.


 09/29/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : The Lord's Supper

09/22/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Jeremiah's Lament and America's need to repent and turn to God for healing.

09/15/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Billy Perry : The Church of God.

09/08/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Billy Perry : The Church is the people, not the building.

09/01/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Joe Ratcliff : Our Labor for Jesus Christ.

08/11/13 SUNDAY SERMON.  Harold Babin : Christainity Is The Best News In The World!

08/04/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : "And Are We Yet Alive?"

07/28/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The Handwriting On The Wall.

07/21/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The Teddy Bear Gift.


07/14/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Rejoicing....Relaxing....Resting !

.06/30/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The Lord's Supper

06/23/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : We all get the Blues !

06/16/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Father's Day

06/09/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : JOY!

06/02/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : What are your favorite things?

05/26/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Rhonda Covington : Rhonda and Eddie give the Church an update

on their missionary efforts in South America.

05/13/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Family

04/28/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The three gifts of Easter.

04/21/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : Jesus is our best friend. 

04/14/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin

04/07/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The hands of Jesus.                                        

03/31/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Easter Sunday....the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.


03/24/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Palm Sunday

03/10/13 SUNDAY SERMON.  Harold Babin : Sometimes an extravagance is O.K.


03/03/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Billy Perry : John 3:16

02/17/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The Miracles of Jesus.

02/10/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Kell Munson : Kell's Personal Testemony.

02/03/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin. We must have 20/20 Spiritual Vision.

01/27/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : An Eye Opening Experience. 

01/20/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The Church

01/13/13 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Hope in the new year.



01/06/13 SUNDAY SERMON.Harold Babin : What are the real pirorities in your life?


12/23/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Christmas

12/16/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The Christmas Story.

12/09/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin :How is your memory?


 12/02/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin: Mary the mother of Jesus.

11/25/12 SUNDAY SERMON . Harold Babin

11 /11/12 SUNDAY SERMON . Rhonda Covington : Rhonda and Eddie Covington spoke about the progress of the Hondouran Mission


11/04/12 SUNDAY SERMON . Harold Babin: Perfection.


10/28/12 SUNDAY SERMON : Harold Babin. This is a day the Lord has made.


10/14/12 SUNDAY SERMON : Harold Babin.  Paul's letter to the Philippians.


.10/07/12 SUNDAY SERMON : Joe Ratcliff. The word "Come".

We were honored to have Rev. Joe Ratcliff, the retired Minister of the St. Francisville Baptist Church as our guest speaker today.

09/30/12 SUNDAY SERMON.   Harold Babin : Psalm 34 and John 6:48


09/23/12/ REVIVAL NIGHT SERVICE. Chris Andrews : What does the Church need to be about ?

09/23/12 REVIVAL SUNDAY. Chris Andrews: The Church should be a Community.

09/09/12 SUNDAY SERMON Harold Babin: Life is a journey.

09/02/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin:  To be Born Again through God's Grace.


08/26/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : A journey with Jesus.

08/19/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Prayer or communication with God.

08/12/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Communication and a failure to communicate.

08/05/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Hearing the Word of God.

07/29/22 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The Lord's Supper.

   07/22/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Commitment to God


07/15/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The Prodical Son...a story of God's grace and love.

07/08/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : What is your idea of Heaven?

07/01/12 SUNDAY SERMON.   Harold Babin : The Real Thing.

06/24/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : We all need to become Fishermen for Christ.

 06/10/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Because of a power outage we were unable to record this weeks sermon but as Brother Harold said Jesus is the true Power Source and His spirit was present.

06/03/12 SUNDAY SERMON. The Sermon is preceded by Brother Alvin's solo rendition of "The

Wonder of It All"    SERMON. Harold Babin : LOVE !

05/27/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : The 23rd Psalm.

05/20/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : We must each become a living poster for Jesus and the Church.

05/13/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Harold Babin : Mother's Day and reflections on Mary the Mother of Jesus.

05/06/12 SUNDAY SERMON. With Pastor Alvin Hall's retirement, the Church has  called Brother Harold Babin to be our Interim Minister. This is Rev. Babin's first sermon. Harold Babin : "How is your Memory?"       

04/29/12 COMMUNION SUNDAY. Alvin Hall : The Lord's Supper.

.04/22/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : Jesus' first miracle.


04/15/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Rhonda Covington : Honduran Mission update.

04/08/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : Believing in the Risen Lord. An Easter Message,

04/01/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : The Crucifixion.

03/25/12 : SUNDAY SERMON. Darwin Hall : Nehemiah's Vision.

03/18/12 : SUNDAY SERMON. Darwin Hall : What we can learn if we look at the life of a man called Abraham.

03/11/12 : SUNDAY SERMON. Darwin Hall : The conversion of Paul and his contributions to the early Church.

03/04/12 : SUNDAY SERMON. Darwin Hall : How to navigate successfully through life.

02/26 /12 : SUNDAY SERMON. Darwin Hall : Are you saved?

02/19/12 : SUNDAY SERMON. Darwin Hall : The Power of the Word.

02/12/12 : SUNDAY SERMON. Darwin Hall : Agape Love.

02/05/12 : SUNDAY SERMON.
Alvin Hall : Matthew, a Publican, leaves his post and follows Jesus.

01/29/12 : The Lord's Supper

01/22/12 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : What a Church should be.

01/15/12 SUNDAY SERMON.Dr. Anna and Dr. Philip Alexander spoke on their work this last year as Medical Missionaries in Manali India.

Jan Karnis. Mr. Karnis gives
his Christian Testimony and tells
about his life in Israel.

01/01/12 SUNDAY SERMON.Alvin Hall: Great is His faithfullness.

12/25/11 CHRISTMAS SERVICE. Alvin Hall: The Christmas Story


12/11/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Rhonda Covington : A report on the Honduran Medical Mission.

12/04/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : Be thankful for problems


 11/27/11 BUSINESS MEETING. Alvin Hall

11/13/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall: We are all sinners and fall short.

11/06/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall: When you have doubts, remember that God is still in business.

10/30/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : The Lord's Supper.

10/16/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Who is the Church?

10/02/11 SUNDAY SERMON . Alvin Hall : I can do all things through Christ Who strenghtens me.

Rhonda Covington : An update on the Mission in Honduras.

09/25/11 SUNDAY SERMON .    Avin Hall : Be content in whatever situation you are in.

09/11/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : End Of Time Judgement.

09/04/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : The story of Joseph.

08/28/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Darwin Hall : What we ought to be doing as Christians.

08/21/11 MISSONARY PRESENTATION. Rhonda Covington : Rhonda and Eddy Covington
of Foundation Missions spoke to us about their mission work in Honduras.

07/31/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : The Lord's Supper.             

07/24/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : The Church at Rome. The sermon is preceeded by a solo by Brother Hall.

07/17/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : The Misfortune Of Money.

07/10/11 MISSION TRIP TO INDIA. Mrs. Peggy Perry : Mrs. Perry reports on the Mission to India.

07/03/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall  : Guilt...Grief....Gloom

06/26/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Leslie Jewel : Ms. Leslie Jewel has just returned from a mission trip to India and this morning she shares with us the   experiences and joy of this trip.

06/12/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : Stand up for Jesus even when it hurts to do so.

06/05/11 SUNDAY SERMON. Alvin Hall : I want my people to be saved.

04/24/11 EASTER SUNDAY. Billy Perry : A Famine for Hearing the Words of the Lord.


  MORNING SERMON. Don Tabb : What is the Dress?  

 EVENING SERMON. Don Tabb :  The Marks of the Lord Jesus.O


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