Our Church has been truely blessed by these generous Christians who do the Lord's work by giving of their time and their skills. They have been active in this work since 1982 and have built churches in many states.

In addition to the Bethel Builders we would like to thank Russell Zahorchak and the men of our church who assisted him in building the foundation and the floor of the new addition. Billy and Peggy Perry took the lead in bringing the Bethel Builders to our community and coordinated their efforts. The women of the church under the direction of Peggy Perry and Frances Blue provided the meals each day for the workmen and Glen Poche cooked up a delicious fish fry. Thanks to all.


The following photo gallery shows the building of the addition to our church. It also shows the fellowship and good times had by all during the week. A special thanks to Mary Beth Dreher who took most of the photos.

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    Foundation Crew
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    Addition Site
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    Day One
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    Day Two
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    Day Three

Bethel Builders

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