The daughter and son-in-law of Rev. and Mrs Billy Perry who attend our church are medical doctors in India. Dr. Anna Alexander and Dr. Philip Alexander are on the staff of the Lady Willingdon Hospital in Manali India. They are providing medical care to people who otherwise would not have access to medical treatment. It is our honor to support this mission effort. Anna grew up in this parish and we are very proud of her and her work. The link below will take you to their website.



The next link will take you to the Lady Willingdon Hospital website



 Manali India




Yurly and Madison Perekotiy


Madison Perekotiy is the grand daughter of Darwin and Betty Hall. Madison and her husband Yurly have a ministery in the Ukraine. To read about this go to their website www.harvestandhope.org. You can also see the work they are doing for the Lord on Facebook at facebook.com/HarvestandHope. We are so proud of this young couple who have devoted their lives to serving on the mission field.



Thanks to the efforts of Rhonda and Eddie Covington our church has had several oppurtunities to participate in the projects of Foundation Missions Inc., which provides food, housing, medical care, eyeglasses, elderly programs and more to the people of rural Hunduras and other hispanic nations. Visit their website www.FoundationMissions.com or thier facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Foundation-Missions-Inc/283054761719222 for updates and information.