Touch Ministries is a Ministry headed by Billy and Peggy Perry. It came about out of their concern to see the message of Godís redeeming love spread throughout the world. Their present project is in India where their daughter, Anna Alexander, and their son-in-law, Phillip Alexander are Medical Missionaries. You can visit their web page at this link  :


Rev. Rusty Rexroad is the grandson of Mrs. Sue Easterly. He is serving a church in Saginaw Texas. As part of the outreach of this church a member, Junior Garcia, will be carring a cross from the Church in Texas to Washington D.C.. The Journey will culminate with a prayer service in front of the White House. The stated purpose is"To bring attention to the Cross of Christ back to our great Nation". You can see Junior's testimony by going to the Church Web Site at and clicking on "The Journey"






Rhonda and Eddy Covington of Foundation Missions spoke to our Church
 and told of thier mission efforts in Honduras. Foundation Missions,Inc,
is based in Clinton, La. and provides spiritual and material assistence to an
 impoverished village in Honduras. The village of El Naranjal is the object
of several ongoing projects. These include Food Distrubition, Educational Aid,
Building new Homes and Repairing existing Homes, Constructing Bathroom
and Washing Facilities, Providing Prescription Medicines, an Elderly Program,
and a new community Medical Clinic. Wilson Community Church was pleased
to financially assist in this Clinic. It will provide much needed help to people
who have little access to Medical Facilities. Click on the LINK below to go to
the Foundation Missions Website.




Christian Top Sites
Christian Top Sites

Samaritan's Purse




"Samaritan's Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world."

Our Church as been involved for serveral years in donating shoeboxes at Christmastime to support this
worthwhile International Mission work. They are however a year around endeaver that has an ongoing mission to many parts of the world. Click onto their website to see the good works they are involved in.

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Randy Hall, the son of members Betty and Darwin Hall has a ministry in Birmingham, AL. One aspect of which we are familar is his work in adopting children from the Ukraine. Follow the link below to go to his Blog and read about his families efforts in this area and about all the work he is doing in the Lord's service.

Keep up with the Hall Family adoption journey in the Ukraine

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Faith Flash - I Am - Names of Jesus

Faith Flash - The Lord's Prayer

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As our country turns its face away from our traditional Judeo-Christian values and our President tells the world that we are no longer a Christian nation, the need for revival in America grows urgent. As our mainline churches continue to lose members and the New Age religions spew out Satan's lie to millions, the need for revival in America grows urgent. There is an excellent biblical based outline of the keys to an American revival written by Pastor Jim Feeney. This was written several years ago but it is just as to the point today.

Revival Fires Can Come Again to America