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Sunday, August 30, 2009, 03:57 PM
Mr. Bill Bingham recently visited our Church and it was like a long lost son had returned home. Bill's grandfather, Ira Bingham ,was Pastor at the Wilson Community Church in the 1930s. His fater, Ira Bingham Jr. , was remembered fondly by many of the older members. He was a dear friend to my wife's mother and uncle.

This article was written by Bill and he has allowed me to present it in our Blog.

Intow Ministries


I heard a message from the late Adrian Rogers referring

the term salt.

He made reference to our Christian faith as divided by

truth, but united by error.

I understood from his preaching that salt represents truth,

and that the truth will burn like salt on an open wound.

Adrian Rogers referred to how we as Christians have stood

back and allowed abortion to be legalized!

May I add that we have also allowed with little resistance for the

Episcopal Church to ordain a Gay bishop!

“Intow” ministries’ objective is to unite all Christian denominations

by truth. Catholics and Protestants can be brought together, but only

if their congregations and parishioners read, study and live out what

the Bible teaches.

Our adversary has tactfully taken over governmental agencies,

public schools, sporting events, and recreational activities all across

our land. But the most damaging place he’s occupied is in the many

“Christian” churches that have strayed away from the truth!

The objective of “Intow” is to spread salt though out the

Christian faith by encouraging God’s people to search for the truth and to

apply it to our daily lives. Intow is not one man bragging about his own

infinite wisdom, but many men and women exchanging ideas in a humble

yet bold fashion.

As Christians we have a duty to press on and to continue in a

growth mode that leads us to a broader understanding God’s word. We

have to be able to share ideas, testimonies, and victories that have

carried us through the storms of our lives. It is only though the difficulties

that we learn and expand our faith. Life’s problems to Intow ministries are

nothing more than opportunities which open the doors to the blessings

that God is patiently waiting on us to partake.

We must learn to speak boldly, but in order to be brave we have

to know, and in order to gain knowledge we must read and study “His”

word. Then and only then can church going $10 in the plate pew warmers

be converted from their sin of unbelief!

So grab a hold to the rope, it’s time to step out in faith, to share

your story, and to get out into the world and live our lives with the

“passion” that God wants us to have!


IW (Bill) Bingham



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