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Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 08:08 AM
With all the trouble and turmoil in the world today, one might think that God had abandoned us. The financial crisis, the wars, the terror threats, and the triumph of Satan in many areas might lead one to think God had lifted His protection off of our country.



If one takes the long view however and looks at the history of America it becomes apparent that we have had grave troubles before and the Lord God has seen us through these times. World War I and World War II and the Great Depression are examples where we faced dangers and hardships but came through them a stronger nation. The Civil War, that bloody conflict where brother killed brother and the American Revolution where our very survival as a nation was at stake are other times where Godís hand righted our Ship of State.


In this time of crises we know that God hears and answers prayer. As a nation we should be on our knees lifting up the following prayers:


      Pray for our newly elected President and Congress that they should seek the will of the Almighty in all their actions as they lead the Nation.

      Pray that our country will continue to respect the sanctity of marriage and the family as central to the moral wellbeing of our Nation.

      Pray that we will have the courage and the good sense to stop killing our unborn babies.

      Pray that we will continue to partner with and bless the nation of Israel. God says in His Word that He will bless those that bless Jerusalem and curse those that curse Jerusalem.

      Pray that America will continue to send missionaries to the nations of the world. As we spread His message of the love of Jesus Christ He blesses us as a people.

      Pray that a revival will sweep this country that will envelope all segments of our society and brings us back to a right place with our God.



Yes, God hears and answers prayer and now is the time to seek His face and do His will.



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