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Monday, October 24, 2011, 11:06 AM
This is a very insightfull discourse by Glen Poche a member of the Wilson Community Church. God is speaking to Glen and through him to each of us.

 By Glen Poche   

       Many Christians and non-Christians have asked, “If there is a loving God, the Father, why is there so much suffering, pain, war, hunger, famine and death – all the bad things that happen to good people?”  God has come into my heart and mind to revel the answer to this question.

      God made mankind in His image and loves us like a Father loves his son.  God is wise, all knowing and wants all men to dwell with him in the New Jerusalem and on the new earth for eternity.

     God has given us glimpses of Heaven through the bible and through the life we live here on this earth.  These glimpses are told by Daniel, John and by Jesus.  Those glimpses are revealed on this earth by our experiences with life. These glimpses include experiences and feelings such as love, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, children, friends, good health and wealth.  These human feelings are just a minute fraction of the joy that is waiting for us in Heaven. But also, He gives us glimpses of Hell in the bible and on this earth through our experiences and feelings such as suffering, pain, aging, diseases, hunger, natural disasters and death.  These feelings and experiences are a minute fraction of the suffering that will be experienced in Hell.

    God made angels and humans with a free will and a mind. At the beginning the Angel Lucifer, the highest and most beautiful angel had everything that he wanted.  He decided that he did not need God and wanted to be a God himself.

    On earth Adam and Eve had everything they wanted in the Garden of Eden including eternity.  They also decided that they did not need God and wanted to know what God knew and more. Later Kings and Emperors were able to live and rule over all.  There was nothing they could not have. They called themselves gods.

     If man had everything he wanted he would not want or need God and would be heading for Hell.  Man was given a mind and feelings and when we suffer from pain, disease, aging and death, we see and feel what Hell is like.  When man feels love, good health, loving families and friends, and wealth, we see and feel what Heaven will be like.  Which man in his right mind would not choose Heaven after experiencing the feelings of Hell?

     Neither men nor angels can serve God or need God when they have everything they want.  That is why Jesus said that for a wealthy man to enter Heaven is like putting a camel through the eye of a needle. He also said that the meek, pure in heart, poor in spirit will have a great reward in Heaven.  Also, look at Job, the suffering he experienced and he kept his faith in God and was rewarded greatly.  Also Joseph, Jonah and Paul and others in the bible suffered but kept their faith in God and received their rewards in Heaven.

    If you choose Heaven, God has made salvation very easy. God manifested his love in His Son and sent Him to earth as a man to feel joy, friendship and extreme suffering, to die on a cross for mankind’s sin.  Then He rose to Heaven.  He is there sitting at God’s right hand.  God then sent mankind the Holy Spirit to dwell among us on earth.

    To be saved and spend your eternity with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in Heaven all you need to do is to repent, believe that Jesus died for all of our sins and ask Jesus into your heart and depend on Jesus for everything.  You will be born again, a new person and spend eternity in Heaven on a renewed earth.

    We are in the end times.  Man has to be born again before he dies or before Jesus comes back.  It is common sense to want joy in Heaven and not suffering in Hell because God has allowed us to feel both of these feelings on earth.  So remember when you are suffering in pain from old age or diseases, God is letting you know what Hell will be like and it will be easier to choose joy, health, and eternity with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

    All the praise should go to God our loving Father who wants everybody to have salvation.


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