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Tuesday, March 4, 2008, 05:04 PM


There is a belief prevalent in the world today that Heaven is the destination for almost everyone. Only the most evil and truly unrepentant misfits will not make the cut. We will not see Hitler or Saddam there but most everyone else will walk the golden streets.....

 The theory goes that a loving God will not condemn His children to an eternal Hell. He is the same God of all people and all religions. Christians, Jews, Moslems, and Buddhists all worship the same loving Father. If you are a good person and do good deeds throughout your life your ticket to Heaven is secure.

 Unfortunately this is not what the bible says. The inspired Word of God says there is only one way to get into His Heaven. You can lead the most wholesome life, give money to worthwhile charities, help your fellow man,be a good person all your life and you will not go to heaven.

 The truth is that we are all flawed. No one is perfect. We all sin and fall short. It seems unfair but sin is sin. There are no degrees of sin. Murder, and theft, and immoral behavior is sin but so is hating in your heart. Coveting your neighbor’s possessions or his wife is sin. Cheating on your income tax is sin. Unforgiveness is sin. We all are just as guilty of sin as a serial killer.

 That we are sinners is the bad new. There is however, good news. Jehovah God knew that His creation was rebellious and prone to sin. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and committed the first sin. God’s chosen people; the nation of Israel repeatedly disobeyed the laws brought down from Mount Sinai by Moses. God’s final plan for the redemption of the human race must have been painful for Him but He loved mankind so much that He sent His own son to die a brutal death on the cross.

 This is the good news for you and for me and for all who sin. Your sin can be forgiven and your place in Heaven assured if you follow God’s simple plan. Confess that you believe Jesus is the Son of God who died for the forgiveness of your sins and arose from the tomb to give you the promise of live everlasting.

 Jesus Christ was man and He was God. There is no way the humiliating and painful crucifixion could have taken place unless He allowed it. It had to be so that all the sins of man (past and present and future) could be absorbed into his broken body on that cruel cross. Before you were born Jesus had taken your sins unto himself. All you have to do is accept this most precious gift and be ushered into the body of Christian believers.

 Our God is a loving God. He wants no one to end up in Hell.The gates of Heaven will open for anyone who accepts Jesus and puts his trust in Him. I plead with you do not wait until it is too late. Turn to the one who can truly give you the keys to the heavenly realm.

Accept Jesus today.


Darwin Hall wrote:
Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 10:49 AM
Read in the Bible : John 14:6
There is NO OTHER way.
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